Ford Mustang Range

Ford Mustang. Get used to the world checking it out.

The iconic American muscle car is ready for the rest of the world with the 6th generation Ford Mustang. This new and exciting Ford Mustang is built with confidence with its new contemporary design but it is still packed full of horsepower and torque just like the original.

The 2015 Mustang is a lot more car than you have ever seen from Mustang before, it is classic yet all so modern. The blunt nose grille, big long hood, lower chassis and impressive sound is what gets you excited about this new Ford Mustang. With a choice of engines and range of coupes and convertibles there will be a Ford Mustang to impress everyone. Even this modern Mustang needs all the latest technology and safety features so all models of the Mustang come extremely well equipped, making this the muscle car of the future.

The new Ford Mustang is a great looking car inside and out and for a muscle car it drives and handles brilliantly thanks to the new independent rear suspension, a first time ever for Mustang, resulting in a smoother, more improved ride. The redesign of this Ford Mustang really makes it the best Mustang ever and we guarantee you will be addicted to the thrill of driving the new Ford Mustang.

So, if you are looking for a modern sports car that is powerful but goes back in American history as an iconic muscle car then the 2015 Ford Mustang could be exactly what you are looking for. Visit one of your closest Mon Motors Ford sites and enjoy the styling and power of the new Ford Mustang.

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